About Us

Wintergreen Farm is owned by Francis & Kim Frederick. We wanted to move from the Seguin/San Antonio area to the North Dallas area.  The purpose of our move was to be half way between our children & grandchildren in order to spend more time with them. We looked at many, many pieces of property for about 3 years. We happened upon the tree farm by accident on the way to look at another piece of property. This property was so beautiful and was just what we were looking for. But it just wasn’t the time to purchase it 3 years earlier. We kept looking at other properties and praying that God would lead us to our new home. Wintergreen Farm stayed in the back of our minds & we kept comparing all the properties to this one.  We were not really looking to buy a business. We did a lot of research into operating a Christmas tree farm. We enjoy people and celebrating different holidays, so this became the ideal business for us. Everything came together & the time was finally right and in September 2011 we bought the property known as Wintergreen Farm.


We are a choose & cut Christmas tree farm. The tree farm has 4 varieties of Christmas trees being grown on about 13 acres. In January we planted additional seedlings, making the total number of trees in the field approximately 6,800. Our trees are on drip-irrigation which keeps them growing during the hot dry summer. We provide hand saws for our customers to cut that special tree down that they pick out for their home.


We have added a Pumpkin Fall Fest during October. We have pumpkins and gourds in the ground and also bringing in several varieties of pumpkins. We will have educational & fun field trips to the farm for children & young people during the month of October and in conjunction with the Pumpkin Fall Fest.


During both seasons we have hayrides, train ride, gift shopping, play ground & fun activities and food for our customers. We truly appreciate all our customers and want you to experience Wintergreen Farm in all its beauty and at its fullest.  We hope you will join us every year to begin or continue making Traditions & Memories That Last A Life Time .