Christmas Tree Prices

At Wintergreen Farm, we carefully look each tree over, hand select the trees for sale this year and are competitively priced according to variety, size, and quality. The trees in the field for sale have been measured from the ground to the tip of the tree and tagged with a two part tag. The tag identifies the variety, height of tree and price of tree.  * Only trees five and a half foot and up are available to be cut down. Trees in the field not tagged are not for sale this year, to give them more time to mature & be ready for future years.  IF THE TREE DOES NOT HAVE A TAG, IT IS  NOT FOR SALE THIS YEAR. PLEASE CUT ONLY THE TWO PART TAGGED TREES. If a non-tagged tree is cut down, customer will be charged three (3) times the price of the tree had it been tagged.

  • Wintergreen Farm does not guarantee tree availability regarding type or sizes. The farm is on a first come first serve basis. Wintergreen Farm reserves the right to limit cutting of specific types & sizes to ensure future tree availability. The farm is unable to give a daily update on type or size of trees available in the field after opening day.

We have choose-n-cut Virginia Pine, Afghan Pine, Carolina Sapphire and Leyland Cypress trees in the field and range in height from 5  1/2′ – 11′.  (Pricing will not be provided over the phone or by email.)

(Remember if you cut your tree higher off the ground and leave part of the trunk,

your tree will be shorter than what is written on the tag.)

Pre-cut Fraser Firs  &  Noble Firs height range from 6′ to 12′ and are competitively priced.  (Pricing will not be provided over the phone or by email.)

We have 3 ft to 5 ft table top Fraser Fir trees and small tree stands for these table top trees for sale.

**We  are not responsible for trees once they have been cut and leave the farm.

All sales are final  –   No Exchanges & No Refunds.**

* There is a small charge to tie your tree on your vehicle.  Customers can tie their tree on own vehicle, but need to provide their own tying twine/material.

All  of our workers work hard to assist you and help make your time at our farm a great experience.

** If you feel they have excelled in their service to you, they are allowed to accept tips. **