Celebrate Christmas at Wintergreen Farm

Celebrate Christmas 2020 at Wintergreen Farm

We welcome you to celebrate your Christmas season with us at Wintergreen Christmas Tree Farm. Come out to our farm where you can choose & cut your special Christmas tree, pick out a pre-cut tree, buy a fresh hand- made wreath, enjoy a hayride, visit the gift shop and just have a relaxing carefree fun time. For customer safety, please observe all signs on the property, as well as verbal instructions by farm workers.

Instructions:  Once you arrive you can take the hayride through the woods out to the tree field. If you do not need tie down service & have a truck, please get a red ribbon, tie it at the top of the tree after you cut it.  This tree will be taken to the non-tie down area and be ready for you to pick up on your way out of the farm at the specified non-tie down area.  We provide hand saws and do not allow customers to bring their own. There are several varieties of trees on both sides of the field. which have already been hand picked, measured and tagged for sale.  The tag shows the type of tree, height and price.  Take your time, pick out the one you want, cut it off as close to the ground as possible, remove the lower part of the tag and bring the tree to the driveway.  When cutting your tree, be sure to have someone hold it, so the trunk does not split when cutting. Once you cut your tree, you are responsible for paying for it at the gift shop. A trailer will pick up the trees and take them to the tree preparation station, where it will be placed on the shaker to shake out any loose needles, then it will be baled and ready to load  at the tie down area or non-tie down area. You can ride the hayride trailer back to the gift shop area or take a nice leisurely walk. When you are ready to check out, bring your tree tag to the gift shop. You will be given the tag back to take to the workers outside at the loading area to match up with your tree to be loaded on your vehicle.

We charge a small fee to tie your tree on your vehicle, however, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the tree is completely secure to the vehicle before leaving the farm. Any customer is allowed to tie their tree to their vehicle in the general parking area and needs to bring their own tying material. If a customer is going to tie down their tree, please give the tree tag to the worker by the holding area and they will find the tree and then the customer can take the tree to their vehicle in the general parking area to secure to the vehicle. PLEASE DO NOT PICK UP THE TREE WITHOUT ASSISTANCE FROM THE WORKER, AS THE WRONG TREE CAN BE TAKEN AND OUR WORKERS NEED TO MATCH TAGS FOR THE CUSTOMER.  * CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE THEIR LOWER TAG MARKED PAID MATCHES THE TAG ON THE TREE BEFORE IT IS LOADED ON THEIR VEHICLE.*

Remember: Water, Water, Water.  Your tree is fresh when it leaves the farm. To keep it fresh it has to have lots of water and be kept out of direct heat. Don’t place your fresh tree under or near a heat/air vent or ceiling fan. Here are other tips regarding care of your live Christmas tree.  Wintergreen Farm is not responsible for the tree once it has been cut, leaves the farm, after it is unloaded or decorated.  All sales are final and there is no refund or exchange policy.

Visit our concession stand where you can purchase hamburgers, hot dogs, barbeque sandwiches, chips, popcorn, cold drinks and water.

There is no fee to enter the Christmas Tree Farm for Christmas Tree customers wishing to make a purchase. Some activities require a purchased wrist band, which you may purchase at the gift shop.  We have activities for the children in the playground area. Children can ride the kiddie train, go through the maze and play the bull horn ring toss as many times as they want during their daily visit with the purchase of the wrist band. We ask parents to watch their children while at the farm, as we have tractors, trailers and customer vehicles moving at all times. The farm is open to customers wishing to make a purchase and can not accommodate group outings, photo sessions or play time during retail hours. You can contact the farm to make reservations for photo shoot sessions.

The last hayride to the tree field will be at 4:30 pm, to ensure you have time to pick out your tree before it gets dark and the farm closes at 5:00 pm.

We hope you find your special tree, hand made wreath, Christmas decorations and have a great time at Wintergreen Farm.