Field Trips

Wintergreen Farm partners with schools, home schools, churches, day cares, FFA, Boys & Girls Scouts and other organizations for field trips to the farm during the month of October. The Wintergreen Farm field trip gives children a chance to experience fun in the country and provides an opportunity for children to see and learn about the growing seasons, planting, maintenance and harvesting.

Wintergreen Farm’s field trips are two hours and can be scheduled by completing a reservation form.  A minimum of 20 people per group. If less than 20 your group will be charged the 20 person rate, unless small groups can be combined with other small groups to meet the minimum. We ask that your group arrive on time as scheduled, as there are groups scheduled after you, We suggest you have your group dress appropriately for the country & weather, bring a first aid kit and provide each child with bottled water, as there are no water fountains at the farm.

Remember to bring a camera to take your group’s picture in front of our decorated photo op areas.

2019 Field Trip Days & Times Available

October 1 – October 25   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

9:00 –11:00 am    11:30 am – 1:30 pm

 Cost is $8.00 per child – (Up to 2 Teachers or Leaders are free)

Parents & siblings 2 years & older: $7.00 each

Group Minimum of 20 (under 20 will be charge group rate)

 Under 2 are free for all activities

Field Trip Includes:

  • Hayride through the woods, to the pumpkin patch & Christmas tree field.
  • Pumpkin Patch: Learn about pumpkins (varieties, planting, taking care of, harvesting, uses for)
  • Christmas Tree Field: Learn about Christmas Trees (varieties, planting, maintenance, recycling)
  • Garden: Learn about vegetables (varieties, planting, harvesting, recycling)
  •  Playground, pallet maze, hay jump  & animals.


Please print off & send the completed registration form by email or fax to:   or   fax #   903-364-2832.

If you have questions or need to speak to someone about the field trip, call:

Francis or Kim Frederick: 903-364-2832.